A Bed Bug Heat Treatment Is The Fastest, Safest, And Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

IBBA provides you and your family with the #1 solution to bed bugs. We guarantee that in only one visit, we will eradicate the problem of bed bugs from your home in a natural, safe, and effective manner. By using heat to kill bed bugs, no toxins or chemicals are released, which makes this method a 100% eco-friendly alternative to the use of pesticides. Additionally, thermal heat treatment has been shown to be effective in killing not only bed bugs, but also their eggs and larvae!

Indiana Bed Bug Treatment | Heat Equipment

Why trust anyone else with this unsettling problem? Let IBBA confidentially eradicate your bed bug problem so that you can be comfortable in your own home again.

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Why We Use Heat Treatment to Kill Bed Bugs

Heat is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs in just one visit. Our Heat Assault system kills bed bugs in every life stage: adult bugs, pupae, larvae, and eggs. It is safe for your family! Proven to be more effective than traditional chemical spray treatments.

Propylene Glycol: The Best in Bed Bug Heat Treatment Technology

At IBBA, we use the Propylene Glycol heat extermination system from HEAT ASSAULT. This system delivers the most consistent and controlled supply of heat and has proven to be the most effective and safest way to get rid of bed bugs.


How the Propylene Glycol Treatment Works

HTF’s (heating units) are strategically placed throughout your home. Propylene Glycol (non-toxic liquid) is heated in the HEAT ASSAULT trailer outside (either in the street or driveway) using two 250,000 BTU burners. We then pump the glycol through rubber insulated hoses to the HTF’s and begin the heating process. Your home is heated to an average temperature of 62°C (145°F). We monitor these temperatures in two ways. First we use is Temp Sensors that feed back base temperature readings to our computer. Second we enter your home every 30-45 minutes with infrared thermal guns to get temperature readings to make sure there are no cool spots.

The Temperature Range for Killing Bed Bugs:

  • 45°C (113°F) = 7 minutes
  • 50°C (122°F) = 1 minute
  • 54.5°C (130°F) = Immediate death


Bed bugs can hide in every nook and cranny! We maintain a high temperature for several hours to ensure that the heat penetrates mattresses, box springs, furniture, walls, and even the baseboards in every room in your home.

Upon completion the treatment, you can enter your home immediately. Windows can be opened to help cool down your home at this time. This treatment is accomplished in only one visit.

100% pesticide free and 100% proven to be the best way to eliminate bed bug infestations in one visit!

Will Heat Treatment Hurt My Home?

The propylene glycol heat system is the safest way to kill bed bugs. There is no potential fire hazard (the electric heater system could start a fire), and it does not produce the damaging high humidity that the propane system produces. This system is completely safe for you and most of the contents in your home.

Using Heat Treatment for Eradicating Bed Bugs

The most effective way to eliminate your bed bug infestation is using heat to kill bed bugs. IBBA’s specialized heat treatment solution is guaranteed to kill all of your bed bugs and eggs in a single visit. We believe in heat so fully that we guaranteed our service for up to 60 days. In addition, our heat treatment for bed bugs is 100% natural, safe and effective. By using IBBA’s bed bug heat treatment, you will soon be able to sleep stress-free in your bed, without the fear of this pest anymore.

Advantages of Using Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

Thermal heat treatment effectively kills all of the growth stages of the bed bug, including the larvae and egg. Conversely, utilizing a pesticide to kill bed bugs is not as effective. Recent research shows that most bed bug infestations require three or more pesticide treatments because bed bugs are quite adept at building immunity to chemicals. Using anything but IBBA’s effective thermal heat treatment could result in bed bugs coming back. Eliminate that fear by calling the professionals at IBBA today!

Environmentally Friendly

Because no chemicals or toxins are used throughout application of IBBA’s heat treatment for bed bugs, it is a 100% environmentally friendly way to eradicate your bed bug problem. Thermal heat treatment is the solution for people with chemical sensitivities (including young children and pregnant women) and is ideal for healthcare environments. Because nothing is being sprayed, damage to your home will also be eliminated. For the best and safest method of killing bed bugs with heat, contact IBBA today.

Killing Bed Bugs with Heat: IBBA’s Heat Assault Method

An extremely high temperature is required to kill all of the bed bugs, larvae and eggs that are hiding in your home. Instant Bed Bug Assassin’s heat treatment for bed bugs consists of applying heat evenly throughout an environment (home, business, etc.), so that bed bugs, larvae and eggs are killed, wherever they may be hiding. With our average heat outputs landing in the range of 145° Fahrenheit, our treatment methods are able to kill all life stages.

100% Bed Bug Heat Treatment Success Rate

Not only do we eliminate your pest problem in only one visit, but we do so in a 100% environmentally-friendly way. Additionally, the effectiveness of our bed bug heat treatment is guaranteed for up to 60 days afterwards, so you can sleep comfortably, knowing the issue has been resolved. Give yourself peace of mind by hiring the professionals at IBBA for your bed bug problem.

Professional, Respectful and Discreet Service Providers

Using heat to kill bed bugs is not only more effective than pesticides, but it is the only way to completely eradicate your bed bug infestation in a 100% environmentally-friendly method. When doing so, the seasoned professionals at IBBA will treat you and your home or business with the utmost respect. We will be discreet in providing our bed bug heat treatment by using unmarked equipment to help keep your family’s problem confidential. We know how stressful finding a bed bug infestation in your home can be and are determined to provide a 100% effective heat treatment for you. Don’t delay, call IBBA today.

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