Bed Bug Treatment in Tampa, FL

Bed bugs spread quicker than any of us would like to imagine. They can cling to sheets, clothes, backpacks, briefcases and more with no problem at all. Something as simple as getting out of bed and going to sit on the couch can easily spread them across the house just like that. Having bed bugs is no joke, and if not treated right away, they can become a dangerous situation. So if you find your home infested with bed bugs, what do you do? Call the experts at Instant Bed Bug Assassins for immediate bed bug extermination in Tampa, FL.

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Eliminate a Bed Bug Problem in Your Tampa, FL home

IBBA provides you and your family with the #1 solution to bed bugs. We guarantee that in only one visit, we will eradicate the problem of bed bugs from your home in a natural, safe and effective manner. We do this through the use of heat. This kills bed bugs in a safe way so that no toxins or chemicals are released, ensuring our method is a 100% eco-friendly alternative to pesticides. Additionally, thermal heat treatment has been shown to be an effective tool to kill not only bed bugs but also their eggs and larvae.

Bed Bug Control For Commercial Properties in Tampa, FL

At Instant Bed Bug Assassins, we understand that business owners are already occupied with taking care of their customers, employees and company. When pests invade, it can be overwhelming to add another problem to your plate. Our licensed pest control experts take care of the pest problem quickly and discreetly so you don’t have to. Instant Bed Bug Assassins offers effective commercial pest control services to a wide variety of businesses and industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food-processing facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and motels
  • Multi-unit housing complexes

Wondering how to get rid of bed bugs? Instant Bed Bug Assassins will work with you to create an environment that protects your business, customer base and employees from pests. With our effective method, we will eliminate existing pest problems and work to resolve future concerns. Turn to the most trusted pest control specialists in Tampa, FL, to learn more about long-term solutions for the pest control needs of your business.

Learn How to Identify Bed Bug Infestations in Tampa, FL

Adult bed bugs are a reddish brown color, have six legs, no wings and are about the size of an apple seed. When adult bed bugs have just eaten, they become a bright red color and swell up past their normal size. They are always visible to the naked eye, but bed bugs that have just fed will be more easily seen.

Detecting bed bug eggs can be a bit more difficult because they are extremely small and generally have a white color. If you have spotted bed bugs or bed bug eggs in your home, call Instant Bed Bug Assassins immediately as they can damage furniture, destroy property, contaminate food and spread harmful diseases to people and pets.

How to Stop a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs in just one visit. Our Heat Assault system kills bed bugs in every life stage: adult bugs, pupae, larvae and eggs. It is safe for your family and has been proven to be more effective than traditional chemical spray treatments.

Propylene Glycol heat extermination kills bed bugs safe, effectively and efficiently. Bed bugs can hide in every nook and cranny, so it is vital to choose a company that guarantees to get all the bed bugs, no matter where they are hiding.

With our bed bug extermination method, we maintain a high temperature for several hours to ensure that the heat penetrates mattresses, box springs, furniture, walls and even the baseboards in every room in your home. After completion of the bed bug treatment, you can enter your home immediately. Windows can be opened to help cool down your home at this time. This treatment is accomplished in only one visit.

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When it comes to treating bed bugs, it’s crucial to act fast. Many people underestimate how easy it is for a bed bug infestation to spread. Taking the proper precautions to take care of the problem quickly can save you from property damage, contaminated food and the spread of harmful diseases to people and pets. Use our website or give us a call to request a free inspection at your Tampa, FL, property today!

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