Oh. My. Gosh! Have you been getting bites? Did the kids just return from a sleepover? Have you been traveling abroad and suddenly back home and had the sneaking suspicion that there might be some critters you brought back with you? Well, do not fear Instant Bed Bug Assassins is here. At Instant Bed Bug Assassins, we offer free inspections to visually look through your home and see if we can identify any evidence of bed bug infestation and how we can offer bed bug treatment. Many people simply do not know how easily bed bugs can infest and how quickly they can manifest in your bed, carpet, furniture and more. An inspection can help and we encourage you to read reviews from our many happy and grateful Instant Bed Bug Assassins customers and the results after their first inspection. Assassination COMPLETE!

Do You Need an Inspection for Your Home?

Now a few things to keep in mind with visual inspection is that bed bugs are incredibly small and can be very difficult to find. What we always tell our customers before inspection is while we definitely can confirm the presence of bed bugs in a home, we can never rule them out by strictly doing a visual inspection. Bed bugs hide in many places throughout a home. Obviously we always begin by tearing down the bed and looking very closely at the mattresses, box springs and the bed frame rails, screw holes, headboards, everything you can think of.

While the bed is the most common area for a bed bug infestation to begin, there are many other potential problem areas. You would be surprised where and how they can hide at your house. That is why we make sure the next step includes a thorough investigation. We can then look through couches, chairs and along baseboards where the wall and floor come together. A great visual inspection must be done methodically and thoroughly to be able to identify potential bed bug infestations. When talking about bed bug infestations, it requires immediate bed bug treatment. Once it gets beyond the moderate level, it is really quite simple to find evidence of the infestation. It’s when the bed bug infestation is in the very early stages that it can be incredibly difficult to make the determination. But no worries, we still can have you covered. We’ll get to that part though.

In addition to simply looking for bed bugs, we also are looking for fecal stains, which you can imagine what that is. Eco skeletons, which are basically the skin shell of bugs that they will shed off going through life stages and of course possibly even bed bug eggs, which are incredibly difficult to find due to their size and translucent nature. That is why having a certified expert, like the technicians at Instant Bed Bug Assassins can help you the most for bed bug treatments.

The Visual Goal of Instant Bed Bug Assassins

As I stated, the goal of a bed bug visual inspection is to identify any of these signs and then be able to make a logical conclusion of a bed bug infestation to provide a bed bug treatment solution. The sooner it is identified and treated, the easier for the homeowner to get back to feeling at peace in their own home. At the conclusion of a visual inspection, if a confirmation of an infestation cannot be made, we always have the option to take it to the next level and bring in our famous bed bug canine Bella to do a much more thorough sniff job.

Meet the Canine and Learn the Canine Approach from Instant Bed Bug Assassins

We are so obsessed with assassinating bed bugs and eliminating bed bugs permanently! Our bed bug canine will sniff out any signs of bed bugs within the home and can make a much more confident determination of being bed bug free. This is helpful because you can trust a canine’s nose. We use Bella. Bella is one of the most special team members at Instant Bed Bug assassins. Bella’s goal is to sniff out the bad guys and save families and businesses every day.

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What Purpose Does the Inspection Do?

The inspection matters so much for many reasons. First, we determine if you have bed bugs to begin with. Next, we determine the severity of the situation. We go above and beyond in every way possible to help provide excellence every step of the way when it comes to assassinating bed bugs for good. But, we must first know exactly what we are dealing with. Can our technicians handle the job alone or will they need back up? Will Bella need to come save the day? Third, we will begin immediately to implement our bed bug treatment system. After all, you don’t want to wait when it comes to bed bug infestation issue and we completely understand. Finally, we finish the job. From inspection to completion, you can trust we treat your house as if we personally were suffering from bed bugs.

How Soon Should I Schedule an Inspection?

IMMEDIATELY! Don’t wait. It’s vital when it comes to a bed bug infestation that you act fast. We encourage you to do so here at Instant Bed Bug Assassins so you can take care of the problem before it becomes out of hand. The second you start to see any bites, it’s time to at least check. We always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you wait, just know you are risking a permanent, several thousand tenant roommates who will never pay you a dime in rent or pick up after themselves. Oh and by they way…. these permanent roommates also bite you in your sleep.

How Can I Schedule an Inspection?

When it comes to an inspection, all you have to do is give us a call. We encourage you to dial 855-674-4328 and schedule an appointment. You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Google or email us at We are here to help take care of your problem and provide bed bug treatment immediately. Don’t wait. Call today for an inspection from the certified experts ready to give you peace of mind again while you sleep. The assassins are on the job, one bed bug kill at a time!