Daycare Center Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Extermination Service for Daycares

Though at first glance, it might not seem like it, daycares can be a hotspot for bed bug breakouts. Any bed bugs that are present at a child’s home will most likely travel with them to the daycare centers. From there, it’s easy for a bed bug infestation to spread from the daycare center to another child’s home, continuing the cycle.

If you notice any signs of a possible bed bug infestation at your daycare, or a child in your daycare that has a bed bug outbreak at their home, call a professional immediately to limit the spread. At Instant Bed Bug Assassins, we can provide a free inspection to diagnose the extent of the bed bug infestation. From there, we’ll use a powerful heat treatment to eliminate every bed bug and their eggs in just a few shorts hours. For quick and reliable bed bug elimination services, contact Instant Bed Bug Assassins today.

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How We Exterminate Bed Bugs

After inspecting a daycare or commercial property for bed bugs, we’ll use a treatment called Propylene Glycol Heat Treatment to eliminate bed bugs, including the eggs, larvae and pupae. This process involves warming the infected rooms to 145 degrees for several hours until all of the bugs are killed. Once this is complete, we’ll cool the room back down, and people are safe to enter a short time later. Some of the benefits of using a heat treatment include:

100% Effective

We guarantee that heat treatment will kill every bed bug in your daycare center in just a few short hours.

Safe for Your Facility and Belongings

Because heat treatment is a safe bed bug treatment option, it won’t damage the day care facility or any of the furniture or belongings in it.

Extermination completed in one visit

 We guarantee that after just a few short hours, your childcare or daycare centers will be bed bug-free. We get the job done right the first time – every time.

Potential Signs of Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs are tiny insects, they leave enough clues around to tell you whether there’s an infestation in the daycare centers. Some of the signs to look out for include:

Line of Bites on a Victim’s Skin

Bed bugs suck on humans’ blood, especially while they’re sleeping or napping in a dark room or area. Bed bug bites usually show up in lines or clusters on a person’s body. They are noticeable by their redness and sometimes form welts. They are also itchy and can lead to a burning sensation.

Blood Stains on Bed Sheets

If you notice blood stains in cribs or beds where the children take naps, that’s a good indication bed bugs are present. The stains are caused from bed bugs sucking on blood and releasing the blood at a later time. The stains are typically brown, black or rusty red in color.

Weird, White Specks on Furniture or Bed

Another tell-tale sign of a bed bug problem are white specks that appear all over furniture, bedding and mattresses. These white specks are actually eggs shells and a good indication there’s a multi-generational bed bug population.

Musty Smell Coming From Infested Area

People have reported all types of smells when there’s a bed bug infestation present. One of the most common odors is a sweet or buggy smell from an odor called alarm pheromones. Alarm pheromones are released by bed bugs when they are disturbed by humans or animals. Other common odors include the smell of spoiled raspberries or coriander, which is an herb.

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Bed bug infestations are never fun to deal with. It’s important to make sure that you contact a reputable pest control company as soon as you notice an infestation to prevent or limit the spread. For a daycare bed bug removal service that will get the job done the first time, contact the pros at IBBA today for a free bed bug inspection to determine the extent of the problem.

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