Property Management Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Extermination for Property Management and Landlords

As a property manager or landlord, bed bugs are one of the worst things that can happen to your business. Nothing will get your residents packing up their bags faster than a large bed bug infestation.

If bed bugs are infecting one group of residents, the proximity to others will make it easy for them to spread. Evacuation of several tenants at the same time will probably take a negative toll on your business.

Early detection is crucial to lessening the spread of bed bugs, so it’s critical to call a professional the minute that they are noticed. You can eliminate bed bug infestations in just a few short hours when you hire the exterminators at Instant Bed Bug Assassins. Our extermination and pest control service is 100% effective and will rid your property of bed bugs the first time. We have the tools and expertise to eliminate bed bug infestations quickly and reliably. Contact IBBA for a free quote and an inspection today!

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Warning Signs That Bed Bugs Are Present

Bed bugs can initially be hard to identify. However, bed bugs often leave behind hints of their presence that you can learn to quickly identify. Pay close attention to the following signs that might indicate a bed bug infestation in one of your properties:

Strong and Musky Odor Present

A strong “buggy” odor might be present where an infestation is located. When a large group of bed bugs is disturbed, it can release a strong, almost sweet smell called alarm pheromones. Other people have reported smelling spoiled raspberries or coriander.

Blood Stains on Sheets or Pillows

Blood stains on sheets or pillows are one of the most common indications that bed bugs are present. Bed bugs suck on the blood of humans, and their fecal matter is essentially dried-up blood. The blood can be brown, black or rusty red in color.

Itchy Bites on Victims’ Skin

Bed bugs enjoy biting humans during the middle of the night while they’re sleeping. Bites usually appear as clusters or lines on people’s bodies, and they can be red and lead to welts. Bites can also be very itchy and cause a burning sensation.

White Spots on Beds or Furniture

If you notice white spots on your bedding, mattress or furniture, a bed bug infestation is likely. These white spots are bed bug shells, which are about 1 mm in size. Although tiny, they are visible to the naked eye and can be seen better when using a magnifying glass.

If you have noticed any of these signs on your property, contact an extermination and pest control service provider for an inspection and to rid your property of bed bugs today!

Instant Bed Bug Assassins Extermination Method

To exterminate bed bug infestations in apartments, townhomes and rental units, we use a technique called Propylene Glycol Heat Treatment. During this process, our technicians heat the entire room or area for several hours to get rid of bed bugs, their eggs, larvae and pupae. Once the removal process is completed and the bed bugs have been exterminated, we’ll cool down the room, and residents are safe to go back inside a short time later. Our heat treatment is:

  • Environmentally safe
  • 100% effective
  • Completed in just one visit

How to Prevent Future Infestations

Many times, bed bugs can be prevented by proper maintenance and cleaning. Vacuuming and getting rid of any clutter or trash in a room will make the room far less appealing to bed bugs. However, you can be sure to gain an extra level of protection against bed bugs by installing protective coverings on your mattresses and box springs. This will eliminate many potential hiding places for the bed bugs and ensure that your bed bug problem does not return.

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