Trusting Your Technician

When it comes to trusting technicians into your home for bed bug treatment, you want someone who actually knows what they are doing. We can understand this. After all, not only are you letting someone into your home which can be risky in many cases, but also you are trusting these people to transform a major problem needing quick and efficient attention. We can help you every step of the way when it comes to your needs.

We are a family owned and operated company. Because of this, we operate with values and your family is our top priority. Find out how we can help today!


Before You Call – Read This!

We encourage you to give us a call… and QUICKLY! But first, we encourage you to check out our reviews. For you convenience, we have compiled a few of our favorite reviews from both Indianapolis and San Antonio! We encourage you to read our reviews so you know what to expect for your bed bug treatment. When it comes to any kind of bed bug treatment, reviews are important so you have peace of mind and an informed decision.

You want to trust that we are taking care of your family. We treat your family and the safety of your family just like they were our family. After all, we know what you need and we want to provide the support and peace of mind you need.

So don’t wait to get bed bug treatment services. In fact, you should act as quickly as you possible can. We encourage you to read our reviews and call today!


I had nearly instant response with a representative at my door within an hour of my call. He was very thorough in checking my issue and explaining the process they would follow to get rid of the problem. I am well informed on what I need to do to get ready for the treatment and we have it scheduled for a couple of days from now. Very well done so far.

Barb Pride

I never thought I would have this issue. I called IBBA and they came the next day to do a free consult! They did find some evidence and I was so relieved to know that they can get rid of them. Thank you again for all the work you did for me. I’m able to sleep in peace again!


They checked my house thoroughly, and told me that they did not find any bedbug signs. I have a large home and was ready to pay around $3400. They found tiny beetles in a closet, but found no bedbugs or eggs. They did not push their service on me at all! These are high character individuals that are truly experts in their field.


Fast, friendly, and flexible had some rentals that where on a tight deadline to be occupied. IBBA got in got out issue resolved with time to spare very pleased!

Kyle Ostrom

I never thought that I would need this kind of service, so when we discovered that we had bed bugs, we were mortified. The men from Instant Bed Bug Assassins were so professional, and made me feel at ease, they worked quickly and efficiently and eliminated my problem. I will recommend them to anyone and everyone that I ever hear about having this issue.

Rachael Smith

I can’t even put into words how professional and friendly these guys are! As soon as you talk to them you just know your in good hands! No one ever thinks this will happen to them.. then it does!! Don’t waste your time or money with the “other guys” like we did!! Come to the professionals from the start!! You won’t be disappointed Its all in their name!!

John Black

Had these folks come out to do an evaluation, and they were super nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. If it wasn’t for their crazy-high prices (compared with others my girlfriend and I price shopped) We’d probably go with them. We might still get their bedbug-sniffing dog out here, though – If you’ve never heard of them, look them up, they’re pretty amazing!

Bruce Kyle Schwerman

Called them up made a appointment. The technician showed up talked to us explained everything through. When it came time for the actual treatment day the tech kept in touch all day and giving me updates. Definitely recommend them.

Stephen Hawkins


Very professional and attentive. They were able to treat my home quickly and explained fully how I should prep my house. I am very comfortable that this issue will not happen again. The quarterly prevention program is very worthwhile. I highly recommend them!

Adrienne Steenbarger

You guys are great. Definitely would recommend you to others. Nice people to work with. Answered all our questions and very discreet. Thank you for making sure we are bedbug free now!

Jennifer Dzuba

This company is amazing ! Everyone super helpful , quick and discreet. So glad to know about their 60 day warranty. I strongly recommend them. Super happy to be bug free once again. Thanks guys ! You are all amazing!

Christina Pierce

Very professional, punctual,friendly and knowledgeable about their line of work!!! I have no doubt that my problems have been solved moving forward. Never again will I hesitate to call if I ever need their services. My friends and family will definitely hear about this! Great job guys!! 5 stars????????????????????

Dominique Gude jr

They were very quick getting back with me. I was able to get an appointment by the next business day! The gentlemen who came for the inspection and the treatment were very friendly and professional. We haven’t had any signs of bed bugs since the treatment! I definitely recommend them.

Tonya Smith

Very professional quiet and discreet! Able to answer any questions even if they sound stupid kept in contact with us all through the process. Would definitely recommend this company to all friends and family. They are very helpful and are very understanding during what seems like a very embarrassing process.

Robert Palacios