Medical Facility Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Extermination for Nursing and Medical Facilities

The beds and furniture in nursing homes and medical facilities are cleaned thoroughly and often, but some things can slip under the cracks. Bed bugs are small and very pesky and can hide in any nook or cranny they can find.

If a bed bug infestation breaks out in your nursing home or medical facility, call in the professionals immediately. Nursing homes and medical facilities need to be clean and safe at all times for residents and patients. The sooner that you are able to get help for your bed bug infestation, the quicker the problem is solved and the less the bed bugs can spread.

At Instant Bed Bug Assassins, we guarantee to eliminate bed bugs in just one visit with a natural, safe and effective manner. Contact Instant Bed Bug Assassins today to eliminate bed bug infestations in nursing homes and medical facilities.

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How Instant Bed Bug Assassins Can Help

When you hire Instant Bed Bugs Assassins as your nursing home bed bug removal service, you’ll have the peace of mind that the bed bugs will be eliminated in a quick and eco-friendly manner. We use a commercial heat treatment to kill bed bugs at all stages of life, including eggs, larvae, pupae and adult bugs.

With our Propylene Glycol Heat Treatment, we warm up the rooms that are infested to 145 degrees for several hours until all of the bed bugs and their eggs are killed. We’ll then cool the room back down, and residents are safe to enter their rooms again. The whole bed bug treatment process only takes a few hours, and we guarantee you won’t need to call us back for any issues!

Common Signs of Bed Bugs

It can be tough to tell on your own if you have bed bugs or not. Thankfully, they will often leave small hints behind. If you believe your medical facility or nursing home might be infected with bed bugs, contact Instant Bed Bug Assassins and look for the following signs.

Strange, Itchy Bite Marks (Usually in a Line)

Bed bugs are miniature vampires in that they like to bite humans in the middle of the night while they’re sleeping. Although they may not be noticeable at first, they can eventually turn red and swell. Bed bug bites usually appear in clusters or in lines on the body. Bites are itchy and can lead to a burning sensation.

Strong Smell Coming From Infected Area

When a large group of bed bugs is disturbed, they can release a smell called alarm pheromones, which can have a sweet or “buggy” odor. People have reported other smells, too, including coriander, which is an herb, and the smell of spoiled raspberries. Whatever the scent is, if you notice a strong and musky odor coming from a particular area of the room, it could be a sign of a potential infestation.

You Find Strange, White Shells

If you notice many egg shells, there’s likely a large, multi-generational bed bug population in one or more of the rooms in the nursing home or medical facility. These shells are small, about 1 mm in length, but they are visible, especially if you use a magnifying glass. The shells are typically white in color.

Small Blood Stains on Sheets or Pillows

This may not be pleasant to hear, but the blood stains you find on pillows, sheets and mattresses are the bugs’ fecal matter. The fecal matter shows up black, brown or rust red because bed bugs feed on blood. This is the dried-up blood the bed bugs release, and it is usually the most common and telling sign of a bed bug infestation.

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Nursing homes, medical facilities, and long term care facilities are the last places you want to have bed bug infestations. If you notice the signs we mentioned above or notice bed bugs in your facility, contact the exterminators at Instant Bed Bug Assassins for quick and reliable bed bug treatment. In just a few hours, the problem will be eliminated, and your residents and patients can go back to living their normal lives again – bed bug free!

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