Hotels & Hospitality Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Extermination in the Hotels & Hospitality Industry

Hotels are, unfortunately, a hot spot for bed bugs. With hundreds of people staying in the same room each year, people are bound to accidentally bring bed bugs with them from their home or the previous hotel they stayed in. Immediate action should be taken after the first report or suspicion of bed bugs are found in a hotel room so the least amount of people are affected by bed bugs.

Fortunately, you can count on Instant Bed Bug Assassins for the safe and effective elimination of bed bugs in hotels. For immediate bed bug extermination, call Instant Bed Bug Assassins today.

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Signs That Bed Bugs Might Be Present

If you suspect that your hotel or motel might have a bed bug infestation in one or several rooms or areas, check for the following signs of an infestation.

Strange, Musty Odor is Present

Many bugs, including bed bugs, emit an odor called alarm pheromones. Humans can typically pick up this scent when a large group of bed bugs has been disturbed. You may also occasionally smell an odor from the bugs’ fecal matter.

Other people have reported smelling coriander, an herb, or a scent of spoiled raspberries. If you notice any of these smells, it could be an indication of a bed bug infestation, and professional exterminators should be called in.

Black, Rust Red or Brown Spots on the Mattress

Finding dark spots on your mattress is one of the most common signs of bed bugs. These spots are bed bug fecal matter and are typically about the size of a marker dot. They are usually black, brown or a rusty red color because the bugs feed on blood, which dries when it is released from the bugs.

Itchy Bite Marks

Bed bugs are like miniature-sized vampires because they suck on your blood while you’re sleeping at night. Although often painless at first, the bites can eventually become red and swell up. They can also be itchy and cause a burning sensation. Several bites may appear in a cluster in a small area on your body.

If your employees or guests notice any of these potential signs of bed bugs, it’s important to contact a professional pest removal company immediately. Bed bugs love to travel and spread, so immediate action must be taken to ensure they spread as little as possible.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Method

When you contact Instant Bed Bug Assassins for hotel bed bug removal service, our technicians get rid of the pests in just one visit. They’ll kill the bed bugs in every stage of life, including the eggs, larvae, pupae and adult bugs, providing complete bed bug control. Our Heat Assault system is a safe, eco-friendly and effective method.

Propylene Glycol Heat Treatment

With our commercial heat treatment, we maintain high temperatures for several hours to ensure the heat penetrates furniture, walls, mattresses and sheets. When we’re done, we’ll cool the rooms back down, and you are safe to enter again! IBBA’s heat treatment is:

  • Safe for hotels and belongings
  • Proven to be the best extermination method
  • Guaranteed for 60 days
  • Effective in just one visit

How to Prevent Bed Bugs in the Future

After you’ve gotten rid of the bed bugs in your hotel, it can seem like there’s not many things you can do to prevent them from returning in the future. However, there’s a few steps that could ultimately protect your hotel from the return of bed bugs.

First, make sure that you’re using protective covers on your mattress and the springs below it. This will eliminate potential hiding spots that the bed bugs could be taking advantage of.

After utilizing protective covers, thoroughly vacuum and clean the room once a week. Eliminating trash, clutter and any dirt or crumbs will make the room less appealing to bed bugs. Applying protective covers and thoroughly cleaning your rooms will aid in the prevention of bed bugs.

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We know what a huge inconvenience bed bug infestations can be if you operate or own a hotel or motel. Avoid the potential bad reviews you could get because of bed bug infestations, improve the customer experience and provide a safer environment by calling the professionals at Instant Bed Bug Assassins today!

You owe it to your employees and guests to fix the situation quickly, as a bed bug infestation is a major health concern. For a quick and effective solution for killing bed bugs, contact the bed bug exterminators at Instant Bed Bug Assassins today to request a free quote for an inspection.

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