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Are You Looking for the First Step to Join the Instant Bed Bug Assassins Team?


Do you have what it takes to become an assassin? Of course not an assassin of people, but assassin of bedbugs. Instant Bed Bug Assassin is always looking for hardworking, qualified individuals to join our team at Instant Bed Bug Assassins and help eliminate the bedbug problem in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Texas, and other states to come. Being a part of the Instant Bed Bug Assassin team is a great opportunity for career advancement and compensation. Our goal is to provide high-quality and affordable bed bug treatment to families in their desperate need for a solution.

You can apply online today by going to the Apply Form under Employment on our website. We want to get the opportunity to learn more about you now. During this process, we collect information to determine if your skills and background would be a good fit, but also consider if we would be a good fit for your future as well. Our goal is to train professional technicians, office staff, canine experts and more.

You may also consider calling us to learn more. If you have questions about the positions, we want to hear from you. You can reach us at 855-674-4328. Find out how you can apply, what the hiring process looks like, what we expect from you and what you can count on for us. We encourage you to learn about the opportunities amongst you here at Instant Bed Bug Assassins and out bed bug treatment options.



New technicians begin in a program that is similar to an apprenticeship to learn all the ins-and-outs and gain a full understanding of what it takes to effectively eliminate all bedbugs. As a person completes their training and gains experience, they move into the position of lead technician. As a lead technician, a person is able to execute Bed Bug Assassin’s extermination method and work independently in our residential department.

We supply many ways for you to earn great income. There are opportunities available to you to meet a multitude of opportunity as a technician. Technicians have the option to move into other markets if they choose and we have an amazing opportunity in our other Instant Bed Bug Assassins locations. We also provide additional compensation opportunities when it comes to your performance. Additionally, we offer training, guidance and a culture to help you succeed and meet your financial, career or even personal goals.


Commercial Technicians

In addition to residential services, some of our technicians also work in the commercial side and in other areas as well. Our professional and certified technicians are trusted to not only get the job done, put show up on time, perform their duties in a professional and timely manner so that the business owner can get back to their normal routine sooner. As a business owner, you can only imagine how important it is for you to be bed bug free in your business. In fact, for a business, quick bed bug treatment is the utmost importance. After all, the reputation of a business is critical to the overall success of the business and that is why we hire top performing individuals to join the Instant Bed Bug Assassin team.


Corporate Instant Bed Bug Assassin Positions

We also have canine handlers, office staff, accounting positions and marketing positions that we are constantly hiring full. Instant Bed Bug Assassin is continuing to rapidly expand into new markets around the country. With expansion comes a huge need for quality individuals. That is why we encourage great people like you to apply today. Our goal is to educate you on the corporate opportunities available This is why we are excited to educate you on exactly what positions you can choose from if you are looking to join the Instant Bed Bug Assassin team in any of our locations.

Canine Handlers

Bella is the trusted, Instant Bed Bug Assassin trained canine that fights bed bugs in the homes of families, businesses and everywhere else she may go. She is the best bed bug treatment assistant we know. Bella can find the bed bugs, she just needs a little guidance and handling from a handler. With expansion, more handlers can create more Bellas ready to save the day for families and businesses everywhere!

Office Administration

The office administration keeps the daily operations in check. You can count on one thing, the office staff at Instant Bed Bug Assassins is no short of…. we’ll call it TOUGHER-THAN-NAILS hard-core assassin duties. The office staff schedules appointments, manages the projects, and saves the day with a copy machine by day and makes assassinating bed bugs a thing 24/7.


Our assassin accountants don’t fall short from counting any bug they find in the payroll, receivables or payables section of the Instant Bed Bug Assassin Team. They help keep the ship moving and the assassinations of bed bugs possible, one expense line item at a time.


As we mentioned previously, we are expanding into additional markets to offer bed bug treatment. This means we need help from an expert marketing assassins. As serious as assassins are in their line of work, that’s how serious the Instant Bed Bug Assassin marketing team is. We’ll put our sniper skills to work running Google ads, capturing popular opinion about the work of Instant Bed Bug Assassins and educating the population, and much, much more.


Do You Have What it Takes?

We encourage you to do your research. Find out exactly what the company does, how we can help and what we can do to help you reach your goals while we provide an amazing opportunity for you here at Instant Bed Bug Assassins.
Like an assassin, you will be expected to keep client information private. Take a look at the opportunities available and ask yourself, would I make the cut? Where could I fit in? Do I have what it takes? Assess yourself.

Now… think again.

Got it?


So if you think you have what it takes to be a great assassin, fill out the attached application and come join our team and help be the solution for exceptional bed bug treatment savings families everywhere. It takes a few minutes to fill out the form and show your interest in learning more about the career opportunities at Instant Bed Bug Assassins. Upon completion, we will be reaching out to you if we are looking to move forward with your applications.

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